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Full Time Enrollment

International Student Admissions Schedule

Year Batch Application Period First Phase Announcement Interview Second Phase Announcement Validation Document Period Application for VISA Commencement Date
2025/2026 1 June, 5th 2024 - November, 8th 2024 November, 27th 2024 December, 9th - 14th 2024 December, 24th 2024 December, 26th 2024 - January, 2nd 2025 May, 1st 2025 June, 1st 2025

Entry Requirements

By meeting the criteria below, you are eligible to apply

1. Meet the Language Requirement :

● Accepted language proficiency test: I-ELTS/TOEFL/Duolingo/TOEIC

● B1 CEFR Level (for Undergraduate students)

● B2 CEFR Level (for Master and Doctoral students)

2. English Proficiency Waiver :

● Applicable if you are from an English-speaking country or if your previous studies were conducted in English.

● Required documentation :

i. English Proficiency Waiver from your previous school/institution

ii. The waiver must be stamped and signed by the authority at the previous school/institution.

3. Additional Entry Requirements :

● High school Certificate and Academic Transcript (for Undergraduate Student)

● Undergraduate Certificate and Academic Transcript (for Master Student)*

● Master Certificate and Academic Transcript (for Doctoral Students)*

● Passport

● Motivation Letter

● English language proficiency

● Two reference (recommendation) letters (for master and doctoral students)

● Brief research proposal (for master and doctoral students)

*only Certificate and Academic Transcript in Indonesian Language or English are accepted, other that, applicant need to provide authorized English translation

Duration of study

● Undergraduate program : 4 academic years (8 semesters)

● Postgraduate program : 2 academic years (4 semesters)

● Doctoral : 4 academic years

Offered Scholarship for Tuition Fee

The international students who takes Undergraduate and or Postgraduate degree program will be free from tuition fee and living cost for one (1) year. For the second and or next semester will be considered based on grade point average (GPA)* in this following :
Undergraduate Program
GPA Scholarship
≥ 3.00 Free tuition fee and living cost
2.75 ≤ GPA < 3.00 Discount 75% of tuition fee
< 2.75 Scholarship Revoked
Master and Doctoral Program
GPA Scholarship
≥ 3.50 Free tuition fee and living cost
3.25 ≤ GPA < 3.50 Discount 75% of tuition fee
3.00 ≤ GPA < 3.25 Discount 50 of tuition fee
< 2.75 Scholarship Revoked

*GPA scale is using The 4.0 Scale

Living Cost
Program Monthly Allowance
Undergraduate IDR 1,850,000
Master IDR 2,350,000
Doctoral IDR2,600,000
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